Mystic Falls

Rivers know no rest, just the flowing, crashing of rock, down into granite pools. Listen to it sleep for a moment, gathered, only to stir from dream, awake once more. Sit with me for a little while. Take solace, here on this cliff, and await the vision, fragmentary glimpses, that only solitude may show. Rise …

My People?

Even we who have been God’s severest enemies find the possibility of being called His people, not because we are worthy but because God’s justice is tempered by the outstretched hand of compassionate love.


Grace is both disruptive and transformative. Its final goal is communion and fellowship with one another, and with the triune fellowship of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

Building Up

Here’s the truth: the church, the body of Christ the world over, and especially in your local community, is full of people not like you... The church is a fellowship of strangers, slowly but surely, who are becoming a family, a circle of deep and true friends.


Here is true power, and it involves giving up our standard measures.


There is no room for disguises if we are too busy offering our hands and lives in self-giving love.


Jesus alone is Lord, and has nothing to do with whatever Christian personality is on the rise. Fads, fame, and fortune are about as anti-Christ as we can get.