Deep Generosity

True generosity produces life, and lessens our desire to hang on to the things that must ultimately pass away.

Making Room

If following Jesus means anything, it must mean making room for others who don’t deserve the mercy extended to them.

Members Only?

The church's strangeness is its willingness to surrender, its willingness to throw down its "arms" and declare the good news that in Jesus Christ, we have peace with God. The war is over!

The Glory

Great writers and thinkers have a way of expressing things that take your breath away. I had such an experience today as I finished up NT Wright's 2018 Gifford Lectures. I want to share that quote with you: “When we ‘read backwards’ we discover that this was after all the means by which the true …

What Are You Living For?

Our living, and yes, even our dying has a blueprint given in the Son. It is the way of the cross, and it is hard and unrelenting at times. However, we can live and give ourselves away, just as he did, because we belong to the only One with the power to save.

It Is Finished!

By God's grace, on Thursday, May 6, I successfully defended my doctoral dissertation entitled, "For the Beauty of the Earth: Faith, Ecology, and Care." I have listed a copy of it under my publications listing for those who might be interested. It's been a long road getting here, but I am thankful, relieved, exhausted, and …

Cracked Pots

Housed deep beneath the flimsy walls of our cracked pots rests the greatest treasure of them all: we are resurrection people.