Cracked Pots

Housed deep beneath the flimsy walls of our cracked pots rests the greatest treasure of them all: we are resurrection people.

Taking Heart

We take heart in the one who is the image of God made flesh who brings with him the Good News that despite and through it all, God is pro nobis, for us.


We are the tabernacles and the priests who embody and mediate God's glory out to the world as we are conformed to the image of Jesus Christ.


Everything about us, even the tiniest, most obscure things, are pregnant with the radiant, glowing, glorious love of God in Jesus Christ.

Love Letters

...all the community longs for... will never come by a credentialed letter or works of power and prestige, but instead, by the Spirit already at work in them, correcting and mending their brokenness, and bringing unity out of a mixed community that had no parallel in the ancient world.


All of who we are, even the broken down palaces of last week’s plans are destined to participate in the redemptive glory of Jesus Christ.


A church that shares burdens is a church that learns to die together so that we might rise to new life in Jesus Christ.