The Good Fight

What is it that you expect from life? What is it that we expect from the sum of our days? What is it that we expect life to give us?

In with the New!

Because we are new creation... it’s hard to look upon your kids, your spouse, your neighbor, your fellow congregant, see Christ, and stay mad for very long!

Take Heart!

What is predestination? How can we believe such things, yet preach the new birth? Isn't faith really about our choices?


Being born again can be thought of as conversion. However, we should never forget that conversion is ongoing. We are being refashioned, daily, into Christ's image.

Experiencing New Birth

How do we experience the new birth? Is there a formula? Or, rather, is it God's free gift promised to us in baptism? Where do we go to seek it out?

The New Birth

Do Presbyterians/Reformed Christians believe in being "born again?" What does that mean, anyway? Here's a shot at explaining our approach to the question.